Tadi langit memang lebih indah. Dari beranda yang menghadap langsung ke pantai ia bisa menatap matahari senja itu, dengan ruas-ruas cahayanya yang bergetar, lenyap perlahan-lahan ke balik kaki langit, sehingga langit dan laut pun –yang alangkah luasnya, alangkah luasnya– semburat dengan warna keemas-emasan. Mega-mega bersepuh ungu, dan angin… ah, angin! Angin yang asin berbisik-bisik di telinga wanita itu.
“Tak ada cinta hari ini. Jangan mimpi.”

– Nocturno

Sudah terlalu banyak kata didunia ini Alina, dan kata-kata, ternyata, tidak merubah apa-apa. Lagipula siapakah yang masih sudi mendengarnya? Di dunia ini semua orang sibuk berkata-kata tanpa pernah mendengar kata-kata orang lain.
– Seno Gumira Ajidarma

First Three Months of Being a Sky Dweller and Happy Eid Mubarak

Hey hey hey fellow visitors! Been way too long since my last post huh? I told you that this blog isn’t quite well taken care of, so you should’ve expected this to happen.
Things been great, I mean, they’re awesome. Life as a flight attendant is just as I expected. The good and the bad days, the heart-warming and the nerve-pulling passengers, the short and the long layovers, the long-awaited dayoffs and the I-can’t-wait-to-fly-again kinda days, everything has been filling my first three months of taking people places.
What I didn’t expect to happen is at which point we were supposed to start flying internationally and intercontinentally, and the answer was in fact IMMEDIATELY. One of my colleague even got a Bangkok layover on her first day. While me, I started the 1st month with domestic only flights due to some issue with my passport. I got some schedule cancelled because my passport was expired, and had very little flight time. Things will get better, I tried to convince myself.


Batu Angus and Mount Gamalama in Ternate

And it did! On the second month, which was June, I started flying regionally to Singapore and intercontinentally to Brisbane! Whoop whoop! I was a little redneck (or maybe too redneck) because I’ve never been outside the country before. Singapore was awesome, I had a chance to have a short meet-up with my long-lost bestfriend and we had a long chatty night. Brisbane layover was too short! I concentrated too much on buying souvenirs and chocolates for people at home and didn’t have any chance to get around. But the expression of my loved-ones when receiving my gifts was priceless so it all worth it.


Brisbane layover!

How about the crew I flew with? My friends shared stories every now and then about their flying partners, some are angel-like and some created a temporary hell. I can say that I’m quite blessed to never had a flightmate who wasn’t nice. Some are very strict but we were still able to joke around and even take selfies in the galley! Don’t worry, we only do it during transit.


Hey there!

I even got more than one chance to fly with my batchmates!


Minutes before leaving the hotel in Surabaya


One of our instructors was on board!

So, yeah. Things been great. They have been AWESOME. I’m blessed and I enjoy every aspects of being a sky-dweller.
Oh and one more thing, HAPPY EID MUBARAK for those of you who celebrate! Hope you have the best time spent with your family. I myself don’t celebrate Mubarak but I got a dayoff on the festive day. How did I celebrate it? Speeding on Jakarta’s empty streets!


Happy Eid Mubarak!

Now my suitcase is ready for another sky! Please be nice!