My Days in Bali

Just recently I came back from a little escape to Bali with some friends. We were lucky to find a promotional fare for the tickets so we’ve bought the tickets since May for a trip in August ;).

We left Bandung on 19th August, the flight was at 5 PM so we decided to leave home around 1 so we wouldn’t be late for the check-in. But until 12.55 the taxi that was supposed to take us to the airport hadn’t arrived yet and not everyone was really ready with all their luggage. I got bored waiting and took some pics with my friends.

Me and Stevie

Me and Stevie

Dian "Bu'e" Diong

Dian “Bu’e” Diong

Luckily a friend – who was late too – took a taxi to get to my house so we didn’t let the taxi leave and got on that taxi to go to the airport. At the airport we were told that the flight was delayed for 30 minutes! We didn’t get upset, in fact we enjoyed the waiting by telling silly jokes and taking some pics with my notebook’s webcam. It was kinda silly since I had to lift my notebook and function it like a phone camera.

We arrived in Kuta at around 7 PM so there wasn’t much to do other than taking a bath, looking for something to eat, and taking a rest at the hotel.

On the next day, we started our vacation in Bali by hitting the beach. Seriously, nothing feels like it when your feet touch the sea!!

Big waves comin'!

Big waves coming!

Got our clothes wet, but it was so fun!

Got our clothes wet, but it was so fun!

LOL they missed the jump and made silly poses!!

LOL they missed the jump and made silly poses!!

After a little fun at the beach we rented a motorbike to go to Sukawati – a traditional market – to buy souvenirs for our friends in Bandung and for us. We decided to do this first because the prices at Sukawati are more reasonable so when we’d buy something around the beach area we’d know the real price and we could bargain more easily. We spent around 2 or 3 hours shopping there.

Me and a plastic bag full of souvenirs!

Me and a plastic bag full of souvenirs!

My sister in front of a little Balinese temple called Pura.

My sister in front of a little Balinese temple called Pura.

Then we hit the road again to rush back to the beach to see the sunset but we were a bit late so we watched only the rest of the sunset.
My silhouette ;p

My silhouette ;p

Before taking dinner we visited the monument of First Bali Bombing on Jalan Legian. It’s the place where I always got a rush of sadness all over me and nearly cried.
Behind us are names of the victims of the bombings :((

Behind us are names of the victims of the bombings.

After dinner we walked around Kuta a little bit then we went to a bar and drank while planning on what to do the day after.
I guess we got too tired after a long day walking, shopping, and playing so we went back to the hotel early so that we’d wake up early in the morning. But unlucky for me, I got a terrrrrible stomach ache all the day that day so I couldn’t go with them to Sanur and Tanah Lot :(Here are some of their pictures:

sunrise @ Sanur

sunrise at Sanur

sunset @ Tanah Lot

sunset at Tanah Lot

The rest two days, I didn’t take any photos since I spent all the day on the beach and in the water so I didn’t wanna risk my camera.

I borrowed a body-board and body-boarded all day! I did it so good I think I can go pro in body-boarding LOL!!

On the last day I spent all the day struggling to get tanned but I didn’t succeed coz I couldn’t stand the heat!

Long story short, I had a splendid holiday in Bali without costing me a lot of money and that was the point of the trip! Here are some good deals we made (or found?) :

  1. We stayed in a low-budget hotel named “Arthawan”. The rate was extremely low (RP 50K per night including breakfast). It’s not really clean but we didn’t mind since it’s located just by the road of Poppies Lane II, the center of backpackers in Bali and also a connector lane from the beach to the monument of Bali Bombing.
  2. We rented a motorbike for 36 hours and we paid only for 24 hours (Rp 100,000)! Plus, the bike was rented full-tanked! Hmmm…
  3. We rented a surf board for Rp 70K for 2,5 days. Normally they rent one for Rp 50K per day on Poppies Lane II or for Rp 20K per hour on the beach. Yikes!!
  4. And the most amazing thing was : Balinese people sell porky menus really cheap!! My love of pork has finally find its home!!

Can’t wait to be in Bali again!!



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