OMG Tooth Ache!!

I’ve been having a big problem with my tooth for three whole weeks now! First I thought it was just a matter of plaques on my front tooth but yesterday it gets more painful! So today I decided to re-visit a dentist (I’ve visited two dentists before for this problem and none of them helped much) and she was serious to take care of my tooth. Then I got my tooth a rontgen (which process was scary, I sat on a dentist’s chair, in a medium-lit room, a guy put a camera film in my moth and covered my torso with somekind of blanket but maybe made of steel of something since it was reeeaally heavy. Then he pointed a “camera” at me, which was more like a bazooka than a camera, and left the room. Then a long “beeeeeep” sound came out and that’s when the camera took a shot!). After giving the rontgen result back to the dentist, she told me that it was serious – more like scary – coz in fact the plaque has reached the root of my tooth and that’s what making it huuurts…!!

I really wanted to get a rapid hand to work on my tooth but she told me that it was out of her league to work on such a case since she isn’t a specialist (she was a general dentist, if you see what I mean). So she told me to go to a specialist in the same building but I wasn’t lucky coz the specialist is on a surgery at the moment – which would take hours – so I had to make an appointment for wednesday (I was a bit happy that I didn’t get the chance to visit the specialist right away coz I think that visiting a dentist who had just did a surgery on someone would make the scary-factor even bigger ;p).

Then I went back to the regular dentist to tell the “bad” news and I asked her to give me some pain-reliever to help me holding the pain for two days. The pills she gave me worked well, it’s been almost 10 hours since I last felt the deadly pain!

So now I can only wait for wednesday, for my appointment with the specialist, for mt tooth to be worked on, and for my nightmare to be over!!

Wish me luck… šŸ™‚


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