Delayed Dream. Part I: The Photograph

I still remember it really well. I was 5, looking through my mom’s old photo album and one photo caught my attention. It was a picture of my mom with her beautiful smile, in a winter coat, feeding birds from her hand, with old buildings as background. At the bottom-right corner I read, ‘Amsterdam’. It made me think. I didn’t know there’s a city named Amsterdam. I didn’t even know that it’s a city. Medan, Jakarta, I know, but not Amsterdam. So I went to my mom and had a conversation that changed my life.

“Mom, is that you in this photo?”

“Yes. Why?”

“What’s ‘Amsterdam’?”

“It’s a city in Netherlands.”

“Netherlands? You went abroad? How?”

“I was a Flight Attendant.”

It was the coolest thing I had ever heard on that age. I lived in a small town and none of the people I knew had ever gone abroad. I’ve always wondered how it feels outside this lovely country but nobody could tell me any story about it. Then my mom told me how her life was when she was still a Flight Attendant, all the cities and countries she visited, etc. I fell in love with the story. I fell in love with the job. That day I decided. My dream job is to be a Flight Attendant.

Years passed, now I’m 26, but still every year when I have time, I would go to my mom asking her to share more about her up-in-the-sky days. And still, every year, I fell more and more deeply in love with this dream. All my life I’ve always prepared myself, my education, my skills, everything for one aim. There were times when I forgot the dream a little, but I’d always come back moments later and remember the photo that set my dream.

So on 2012, at the age 24 –a bit late, yes- the chase began.


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