Delayed Dream. Part II: The Heartbreak Kid

February 2012, while scrolling through my Twitter’s timeline, a tweet caught my eyes. Garuda Indonesia was recruiting for regular Flight Attendant. The airline my mom used to work for. “Why not?” I thought, and a few clicks later I’ve submitted my application. A few days later an e-mail arrived in my inbox. It was from Garuda Indonesia’s recruitment team saying that I was invited to the first round of Flight Attendant selection. I was so happy and excited. I went rushing to my sister’s bedroom telling her the good news and we discussed about whether I should go or not. I definitely should. Then I went back to my room, opened my closet and trying to figure out what I should wear for the recruitment. I was looking at my reflection in the mirror when I received a text. It was from my mom.

“Daddy said you cannot be a Flight Attendant.

Please don’t be sad.

I love you.”

I was heartbroken. The dream that I’ve been planning my whole life was shattered. I didn’t know who told my father but it had been said, my father won’t let me become a Flight Attendant. I was in tears. Drowned in tears. On the recruitment day, I laid alone in my bedroom with no hope for my dream.

Days later I felt better. In a couple of weeks I can focus on my studies again. I went out with my friends and happy again. Until one of my friend said, out of nowhere, one of my friends from my previous university is now a Flight Attendant for Orient Thai. I was shocked and remembered the text that my mom sent me. It’s my dream, and then I saw my friend reaching it. Why not me?

I wasn’t done with my broken heart when months later, while hanging out with my boyfriend and some friends, a friend came and shared some news. Her girlfriend was accepted as a Flight Attendant in Garuda Indonesia. I was happy for her, but it felt like Thor’s hammer slammed my face. My boyfriend held my hand and smiled at me, like knowing how the good news made me feel. I smiled back, holding back curses at the tip of my tongue.

A year after I bailed from the recruitment, I was going up and down on my Facebook’s news feed when I saw a picture of another friend in Garuda Indonesia’s male Flight Attendant suit. God damn it. “That’s it,” I said to myself. “I’m going to be a Flight Attendant no matter what it takes.”

So I logged in into Garuda Indonesia’s recruitment site and there it was. An open recruitment for regular Flight Attendant, held in Bandung. I applied, and it turned out to take more than what I expected.


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