New Blog, First Post, Yippee Kay Yay!

Well, well, well. Here we are again. New blog. Created three days ago, on my birthday, because that’s what people do on their birthday, right. Creating new blogs. I’m totally new to WordPress and it took me a while to figure out which button does what for the sake of my laziness to read the “how-to’s”. I’ve been told about how WordPress is the ‘it’ place to blog but I’ve been wandering around my other blog because I thought WordPress was for serious writings. Who was wrong? Me! It turned out to be fun and it offers a lot of options to customize your blog, cool themes, etc. I’m still trying to find, like, the shortcuts or the whatever buttons to get around in here so I might need time between posts. Okay that’s it about how I decided to make a WordPress blog.

Now let’s catch up what this blog has been missing… Blah blah blah, oh yeah, last month I tried out on Garuda Indonesia’s recruitment and it went pretty well until an unfortunate event interrupted the whole process. I’ll make a post telling the whole story later so be sure you check back in a short time.

I’ve also recently lost my cat (RIP) Mika, who was still a 4 month-old mega playful kitten. She was poisoned, I think, but more like she went outside and ate rat poison or poisoned rat, not poisoned by someone, or so I hope.

Birthday was fun, I guess. I had two birthday dinners. First one with my boyfriend, we went to this local steak restaurant but not too fancy because that’s just not how we roll. Second one with my father who flew all the way from Medan to Bandung to have birthday dinner with me and my siblings here in a super crowded pizzeria which I didn’t enjoy a lot, but I’m sure it’s because I already ate earlier. Can you imagine how full I was later that night? Plus the waiters at the pizzeria gave me a free dessert and my sisters stuffed my mouth with birthday cake. But desserts and cakes always have their own reserved spot in my stomach so it’s not really a big deal. *munches remaining cakes*

So, yeah. Except for my birthday, life has been down lately but it’s not an excuse to stay gloomy. I’m still looking for a silver lining of this cloud and I’m sure I’ll find it pretty soon. Now let’s get started with this blog! Yay! Or is it already started as I write this first post? I don’t know, maybe. Yay! Confetti!

Welcome to my blog and please enjoy while it lasts. Yay!


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