Animal Defenders Indonesia

Animal Defender Indonesia’s founder, Doni Herdaru Tona (center, standing, with white dog) with the members of their big family. (Photo credit Animal Defenders Indonesia)

Animal Defenders Indonesia has been the biggest and bravest shelter I’ve ever known in Indonesia, although there isn’t many animal shelters around here. All day and night they’re fighting for the safety of abused animals, from the most common way like thrown on streets, to the most devastating ones like being stabbed with fishing hook in the eye.

Animal Defenders Indonesia gives most of their time and money for their shelters. They are currently building their second shelter because the first shelter is too small for 70+ dogs and 30+ cats. The first shelter was the founder’s own house, a small house which he transformed into a shelter by throwing away all furniture except the ones in his room so that his babies can walk and jump around freely.

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They receive so many reports about animal abuse cases everyday although some are fake (people just want to get rid of their cats/dogs). They’re struggling to respond to every report and drive across the city to save the helpless soul (Jakarta is a very big city). Once they get the animal, they take it to a vet who understands this organization’s condition where they can pay the bill monthly or just when they have the money. Most of the time the animals are malnourished but there are times where they need stitches or immediate operation. Once the animals are at their shelter, they’ll rehabilitate the cats and dogs to make better attitude and get rid of the traumas so they’ll be ready for the next phase: finding a new loving home.

The animals that are already healthy and ready are offered for adoption, for free of course, but not so easily. The guys have to be really careful at choosing the adopters because there are people who plays angel and try to adopt dogs, but actually they just want to sell them to restaurants who serve dog meats. Disgusting people, I know. In order to avoid things like these, the adopters have to go through strict process so the cats and dogs will be at the safest hand possible.

All of their efforts have now being well-noticed around the city and as the result, more reports. So the first shelter has already gone too crowded, and this led them to opening a new shelter. The second shelter is a rented house; they got it at a good price although it’s in a very poor condition. They’re trying to raise money for the second shelter but their donation page has received $0 since they put up the issue, about a month ago. There’s still so many things need to be done for the dogs and cats. They’re still trying to use their own money but the daily expenses and vet bills are distracting their savings. They don’t hesitate to use the best dog/cat food around or sending the rescued animals to the vet for the sake of the babies’ happiness and security.

“We need to raise $5,500 to cover the expenses of renting the land, renovation of the main building, which will serve as main office and clinic, building doggy, kitty and puppy pens, as well as special equipment like incubators for small kittens.” – Animal Defenders Indonesia in their post about their Green Shelter.

If you’re moved to chip in, please do so through their donation page at indiegogo.

Please help them! One dollar or ten, it will change the voiceless’ world.

Don’t forget to check their website and fundraising page!

(Photos credit: Animal Defenders Indonesia)


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