Rant. Or Is It?

Pressure. Pressure. Pressure. Life’s been all about pressures since the last couple of months with people acting like babies whose request is not fulfilled. I know people have expectations and some set them high, but hey, you can’t please everybody. I have my own thoughts that brought me to some particular choices and if you can respect that I have developed my own brain to have its own way of thinking, that would be awesome. Not everybody’s the same. We are all like a shopping bag after a monthly grocery-shopping, a bagful of varieties and diversities. Isn’t that what makes this world beautiful? No?

Training days is closer and closer, and I just wish I could go somewhere first before starting my training to escape from all the anxiety and fear of being disappointed by people and disappointing people. I need some moments to have all by my self, with all my thoughts and exclude yours from it. I need to breathe, fill my lungs with a large amount of oxygen, not with your disrespectful pointing fingers.

This might sounds so self-centered, but I’ve never thought I’d experience some sort of sickness from all the nodding I’ve done as a response to other’s wishes. I just feel that I’m finally done spoon-feeding them with everything they requested.

Heck, what the hell was I blabbering about?


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