What a Wonderful Month

Hey hello, people! Whoa it’s been too long that I haven’t posted anything on this blog. So many things happened like miracles and I haven’t got enough time to put my hands on making a new post. So let’s catch up on what we’re missing…

Last month I signed a contract with Garuda Indonesia Training Center (GITC) to be one of their flight attendant trainees,  or as they prefer to call, students. Finally! I’m on my path on actually making my biggest dream come true! Just three or four months later I will actually be an actual flight attendant.  Yay!

Three days after the contract signing, together with the other 64 students, we were sent into a training program held by Obet Nusantara, trained by Indonesian army. Like, real army people with their huge neck and camo shirts. Like, army men who actually went to war in Aceh back in the days.

We were trained, semi-military style, for eight days before they decided that we’re ready to be a part of our country’s flag carrier. If you think we had fun during the training program,  well, we did. But not the laughing-all-day kind of fun. We were trained head-to-toe to get used to nature’s friendly mood, got out skins burned so badly, and our muscles worked out to the limit. It was so hard for the first three days but afterwards we kinda just went with it and did our best to excell without complaining. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget, like, ever.

After the jungle survival we were given two days off to rest and to celebrate new year, and on the 2nd of January we already started our first day of training.

We started our training phase with a Social Grace class where we were taught how to be an effective, striving personalities, while still maintaining the charm of a Flight Attendant. It was a very tiring subject but we were lucky to have it on our first days, so by now we already know how to behave during the training program and not get ourselves in trouble.

My Batch After Social Grace Class

My Batch After Social Grace Class

This last three weeks I’ve also made a lot of new friends from varied cultures and backgrounds. Differences only taught me how to be more tolerant and understanding. As one of the interviewer from back when I was in recruitment process said, each and everyone beside ourselves should be seen as a customer and we need to learn how to handle them in  professional way. This lesson is very often applied in my current daily life. I love it.

Tons of New Things to Learn!

Tons of New Things to Learn!

Tomorrow we’re starting a new class, Aviation Knowledge,  and already I’m very excited. I also just realized how much I’m enjoying this phase of my life and how I’m a happier person than I’ve ever been. This is what I’ve been waiting for in my whole life.


This is it, this is me.


2 thoughts on “What a Wonderful Month

    • I will surely keep posting when I have time. Sometimes I still can’t believe that this is really happening! And I’m glad that everything goes exactly as I expected. 🙂

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