My Kind of Everyday Makeup Look

Hello everybody! So today I’m going to show you the makeup look that I wear everyday to go to work. And because I work as a flight attendant, I need to wear makeup that lasts the entire day since it has to stay put from 3 hours before flight, 3-4 legs, and until I finally arrive at home or at the hotel. Let’s say it’s around 12 hours in total.
Of course I do some touch ups every now and then but there comes times where the flights are so busy and I don’t even have time to retouch my lipstick.
So here it is, my everyday makeup look as a flight attendant!


Okay I accidentally deleted the step by step process and only have this 3×3 collage left but let me explain it to you:
1. I have my face prepared by putting on moisturizer, wait for it to dry and then continue with the foundation and concealer. I spend the most time in this part because I hate blemishes and I do my very best to cover them. Applying the foundation, first I spread it all over my face and half my neck by using my fingers, then I grab a damp sponge and pat it all over to get rid of the strokes. Then I take my concealer and put it on any blemishes, pat it with my ring finger, wait for it to set. Oh sometimes I repeat this part when I have super red blemishes or acne scars.
2. On to the powder, I use loose powder and as applicator I use a powder sponge that came with the package and apply it by patting it on to my face and neck. This way I don’t smudge any of the foundation masterpiece I have done. Then I put some blush on to my cheek bone area and once I’m quite satisfied I move on to the eyes.
3. Yep the eye part is the one on the picture above. Usually I do my eye makeup super quickly using the eyeshadow sponge thingy that came with the package and don’t blend so much because it will blend itself later. But today I’m on standby so I have all the time I need to achieve a good eyeshadow look.
4. For the eyeshadow first I put a gold color on my eyelids just until the crease and put an orange color above the crease. Then I take a small eyeshadow brush and a black eyeshadow and put a black line in the crease and into the ends of my eyes, forming a sideway V-shape. Then I blend to get rid of any harsh lines so the colors will blend gradually. Remember, blending is essential. I also put on some more of the black eyeshadow on my lower lash line but not all the way in.
5. Then I put on some black gel eyeliner all along my eye line and I always remember to tightline because I hate the pink area between my eyeliner and my eyes. I also do the same on my lower waterline. The difference is life-changing.
6. For my lashes I just wiggle a mascara wand on my lashes really quickly and sometimes on the lower lashes as well, concentrating on the tips of the lashes to give it more length.
7. Then I grab an angled brush and a dark brown matte eyeshadow and use it on my brows. I’m not any good at shaping brows, but with practice I finally get the desired shape that goes well with my face. I also hate using brow pencils since they tend to create unnatural harsh lines.
8. Usually that’s all I do to get ready for flights but today since I have a lot of spare time I decided to put on false lashes. This is my first time putting them on by myself and I think I did a pretty descent job there.

So here’s the final look:


Nailed it!

And here are the products I use:


From top to bottom, left to right:
– Loose powder by Wardah in beige number 02.
– Eyeshadow pallettes by LT Pro in number 101 and 102.
– Blush-on by Sophie Martin in coral touch.
– Gel eyeliner by Maybelline in black.
– Foundation by Clinique Even Better in neutral number 65.
– Cheap makeup sponge from drugstore.
– Concealer by Revlon Photoready in light medium number 003.
– Mascara by Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express.
– Cheap brushes.

I don’t really aim for the brands when it comes to makeup. As long as it’s good and it gives the result that I hope for, then it goes on my face.

The look might seems a bit heavy but trust me, it’s not. Once I get outside it’s all the right amount of fabs I need.


In the aft galley!

So there you go, my everyday makeup as a flight attendant! I also wanted to post a step-by-step tutorial on how to do the super simple croissant updo that we’re famous for but not now because I’m not on schedule today so I’ll post it when I actually have to do the hair and go for a flight.

Till then, catch ya later!


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