That’s Life Coffee, Jakarta

Bonjour, people! Been almost a year, huh? I haven’t been writing not because I’m lazy but… Well, it is because i’m lazy. Tee hee! Sorry!

This time I’m having a take on writing a review about a tiny little café that I find quite cozy and made me randomly want to come back – That’s Life Coffee.


That's Life Coffee (image from twitter)

Situated on a busy street of Jl. Gunawarman, this small coffee shop hides on the second floor of an internist clinic and it doesn’t have any sign visible enough to make it easy to find. Once you enter the street, go slow and stay on the left lane and there’ll be a sign of the internist clinic – not the café.


Jl. Gunawarman viewed from the coffee shop.

The ambience of this place is very cozy despite the wooden chairs and the only one table with sofa. When you enter you’ll find a wall of artworks and posters and a stair that leads to the second floor. Groovy music greets you as you choose a table and you’ll notice that the owner have a pretty good taste in designing a place. The air-conditioned room is well-lit, not too much, and it’s decorated with antique pieces like an old radio and ceramic cups.



The menu is pretty short but it suits the place well. There’s only a few choices of drinks and foods available and be warned that they don’t serve main courses. Only hot dogs and sandwiches but the portion is quite big and the taste is pleasing enough. The apple pie is awesome, though!


Tuna Sandwich


Apple Pie

The irony of this place is that the coffee is not how I think a coffee shop should serve their coffee. The first time I went here I ordered the black coffee (which is what I always order every time I visit a coffee shop for the first time) and gosh, was it super acidic. Since then I always choose one of the ones that I like to refer to as “the cutey coffee”, the ones that’s just basically milk with a small hint of coffee. It tastes just okay.


Vanilla Island Latté or something like that.

But overall the place is quite comfy since there’s never too many people (they only have 8 tables) and they play good music. There’s also a TV playing movies with no sound, which seems useless but actually helps a lot when your conversation with your friends enters the awkward silence. Been there.


Small TV in the corner.

Oh and the whole place is a smoking area and on more crowded hours it can get pretty annoying but if you’re fine with it or maybe you’re a smoker looking for an air-conditioned smoking area this place will do its magic for you.


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