Yana Barus

Yana Barus

Awkward greetings, fellow visitor! If you’re visiting this “about” page expecting some cool lines that will describe the awesomeness of the author of this crappy, not-seriously-taken-care-of blog, well, prepare to be disappointed. If you simply wished to know who the hell writes such things that nobody would wanna know about, here it goes.

I’m a species from the female kind, called Yana Barus by my inventors – my mom and dad, duh -. As a 26 year old socially-awkward language enthusiast, I would love to be friends with you but please let’s just be internet friends because that would be what Nyan Cat or any cat would want us to be and cats own the internet so we must obey them. In this blog you’ll find me blabbering and ranting about my tortoise-flying-across-rainbows-like daily life. I’m a forever-a-student who has been trying to graduate since five years ago and I blame the inventor of the word “procrastination”. I love and trust animals more than human. One of my earliest human memory was looking at a photo of my mom in Amsterdam and asked for explanation because I was a hell as a child who asked everything only because I was too lazy to think. Turned out she was a flight attendant so I decided I’ll become one as well so yep, that’s my dream and you might also find some stories about that. Oh and I write in Indonesian, English and French but not that I make each post in three languages. That would be too much work and you’re mean if you want me to do that and I won’t want to be friends with you. So yeah, that’s about what you’re or were reading here and if that doesn’t interest you, I have no other idea what will.

What were you expecting?


2 thoughts on “Yana Barus

  1. Yana oh yana…. what on earth happened? you in a dress? i sure think the world we live in moves to fast already :D, btw. glad seeing you become such pretty girl.

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